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Structure Cabling Solutions
Delivers high performance CAT6 CAT5 Structure cabling solutions for SMB, Corporate, Data Centers, Local Area Networks and converged low voltage applications.

We design and install structure cabling as per industry standard for data centres, offices, and apartment buildings for data or voice communications using various kinds of cables and connectors. We strategically associated with multi brands like AMP-TYCO, DLink, ADC KRONE, MOLEX & Systimax

Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system is a complete set of cabling like CAT6 / CAT5 associated with other components which serves a wide range of uses, such as to provide voice service or transmit data through a LAN/WAN

Passive Components

We provide best-in-class components like CAT6/CAT5 IO Modular Jacks, Patch Panel, Face Plate, Patch Cords, Connectors, Wall Mount Rack, Floor Mount Rack & Server Racks ranging from 4U to 42U Size with all accessories.

Active Components

A wide range of Network switches like 8 Port, 16 Port, 24 Port & 48 Port Managed, Semi Managed offering reliable & optimal performance including HP ProCurve, DLink, NetGear, CISCO, LinkSys

Passive Components – Cables, Connectors, Patch Panel, I/O Box, Rack & Accessories

Structured Cabling has become quite common for inter-connecting the various active devices in an IP network. So the following passive components are commonly utilized in an IP Network for Structured Cabling:

  • Cat 6 UTP (Un-shielded Twisted Pair) Copper Cables
  • Cat 6 UTP Patch Cords
  • Network Rack
  • I/O Box and Face Plate
  • UTP Patch Panel.

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Active Components  Wide range of Network Switch solutions for agile networks

Wide range of Network Switches comprises a pair of powerful, next-generation routing switches with maximum capacity for the network core or the data center.

HP / LinkSys / CISCO brings consistent and open standards–based networking to enterprise networks in the SMB, Corporate and data center. Networking switches offer high performance, scalability, and a wide range of features for core to edge connectivity that dramatically reduces network complexity and lowers cost of ownership.

We provide several kinds of network switches including:

  • 5 Port / 8 Port unmanaged switch
  • 16 Port / 24 Port unmanaged and semi manageable switch
  • 24 Port / 48 Port fully managed switch.

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